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Our secrets

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1 - Nos cups

Nos cups
Our “evolving” cups can adapt the changing volume of the breasts and let women get up in one bra size.

2 - Our fabrics

Our fabrics
The fabrics we use a both free of harmful substances - to respect future mom’s delicate skin- and stretch - to fit their new silhouette. All of them are labelled as OEKO-TEX.

3 - Our magnetic clips

Our magnetic clips
Our clips for one-hand-opening are both discreet and aesthetic, nobody will even notice you are wearing a nursing bra.

4 - Our wires

Our wires
Our wires are designed to ensure maximum support. A wider curvature not to get injured on the sides, and torsion stiffness to provide better comfort from cup B to H.

5 - Our backs

Our backs
Our 4 position adjusters let women get up in one breast size during pregnancy while still maintaining a balanced support. Full figure back / narrow back / rounded back ensure better support all day long. Strengthened backs for upper sizes.

6 - Our comfort secret

Our comfort secret
Our cups are fully lined and made of 2 zones: 1) The “wet zone” is fully lined with microfiber that dries up to 5 times faster. 2) The “dry zone” is lined with cotton and both provide support and prevents from rubbing.

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