A month post partum is a fabulous time for new mothers. That’s because your body has made many adjustments following your pregnancy. Your breasts will have leveled out and will be on course to staying within a few manageable sizes, and you will have dropped much of the excess weight that you gained during pregnancy. It is during this time that you should consider buying the next set of bras that you will require for nursing. Use this helpful shopper’s guide to know what to look for.

Overall Support: Really, you can be the only one to judge the support. That’s because no one breast is alike, especially when nursing. Good advice includes trying on as many different styles and designs as you can to best decide which one offers the greatest amount of support for your milk-bearing breasts.

Underwire or a Softer Cup: While most guides advise that you avoid the underwire at all costs, as softer cups are gentler on the breasts, it’s not your only choice. There are nursing bras that are designed with a padded underwire. Still, an underwire can cause clogged milk ducts. Be sure to test this if you are bent on wearing underwire bras by wearing the bra for a few hours first and then examining your breasts afterwards. The rule of thumb here prevails at avoiding the underwire altogether.

The Stretch: You should still look for a nursing bra that offers ample stretch. All body types can vary, so this may not apply to yours. However, most women find that a good amount of stretch is still needed for the bra to fit comfortably during periods of breast contraction and expansion that are certain to follow for quite some time.