Shopping for your baby already leaves you with little time to get everything else done in your demanding life. Naturally, the last thing that you want to have to focus on is the nursing bra aspect of shopping. In perfect world, you’d be able to shop for designs that you like and point, click and checkout online with ease—knowing they’d be on the way to your home. However, in real life a little bit of detective work that’s done beforehand can go a long way in you getting the bra that you really need, and these tips will help.

Why Getting Fitted Matters

Getting fitted matters a whole lot because otherwise you are merely guessing on what bra size you’ll be wearing. Since your breasts will expand and contract and change in size drastically during this phase in your life, you will want to get professionally fitted before shopping online. Doing so will help reduce the propensity for returns or ill-fitting bras being ordered.

Not All Brands Are Equal

Resist the temptation with the lower end nursing bra brands and instead go for what you really need. Not to say you need to break the bank buying a bra that fits. Just to say that price does matter in the essence of the quality of the bra that you buy versus fit, comfort and usability. Sometimes spending a bit more makes good sense, seeing as you will be wearing that bra all day long with a squirmy infant in your arms.

Front Clasps Are Heavenly

Always, and we mean always, opt for front hooks or clasps. The last thing that you want to fret over is finding that back hook when baby cries for milk. With a front clasp or hook, you can more easily provide nourishment for baby during feeding times.