You’ve got a baby on the way and plenty of important questions that need answers. To better help you decide, we’ve created this article. It’s designed to answer four of the most common questions pregnant mothers have regarding a maternity bra. You can understand your maternity bra with these frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we’ve answered for you.

When should you start wearing a maternity bra?

There are numerous ongoing debates regarding this subject matter and really it’s at your discretion as to when you should start wearing these bras. Some specialists advise that you begin wearing a specially fitted maternity bra at about 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. Others say it won’t matter when. Really, it’s your call because these bras help provide additional support and are designed to cater to your expanding ribcage for enhanced comfort.

Can a bra with no wire provide adequate support?

A bra without a wire can provide decent support, but is not going to provide as much support as a wired bra. You can shop instead for a maternity bra that offers a non-metal underwire. These underwires tend to be far more comfortable and less confining while still offering good support.

What are the differences between a nursing bra and a maternity bra?

A nursing bra and a maternity bra differ in really just one sense: accessibility. A nursing mother needs to be able to access her breasts more often to feed her infant. A nursing bra therefore incorporates easy access clasps or hooks on the front, whereas a maternity bra may not.