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Maternity bola bow pink

Maternity bola - bow (pink enamel)


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The pink bow bola, made of pink enamel and 18 carats gold-plated details, is a feminine and playful jewel.

This maternity bola is mounted on a 43 inches-long black cord so the jewel can hang at your bellybutton's level.

Maternity bolas are the ultimate pregnancy accessory and the perfect gift for a baby shower. Entirely made in France from the most precious materials (such as gold, rhodium, silver, diamond powder and even Swarovski crystals), they will highlight pregnancy curves.

But there is more to it than it may seems… Each bola enclosed a tiny and delicate bell. The soothing melody it produces can be heard by the baby after only 20 weeks in the womb. Make sure to wear your bola everyday so this lovely tingling will become so familiar that, after being born, baby will always find comfort in the sound of this jewel.

> Discover the pregnancy necklace origins


- Beautiful, feminine and fun jewel

- Covered with black enamel

- Golden bow

- Fitted on an adjustable black cord 43,3 inches

- This bola is guaranteed 100% nickel-free

- Delivered in a small box, perfect for offering

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