Pregnant or nursing mothers need not fret about their sexiness – pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and inspiring miracles that occurs in nature and it should be celebrated and rewarded. Nursing mothers already know that they are preparing their teeny tots for a rewarding life. After all, concurrent studies prove that babies that are breastfed end up with reduced risks of various diseases, and typically have higher intellects when they grow up, as well as generally suffer from fewer illnesses during infancy. Of course, you already knew all of those fun facts. The primary point at hand here is that just because you are pregnant or nursing does not mean that you can’t look and feel like the sexy woman that you truly are. That’s where the Illusion nursing bra line comes into play.


This decadently designed and seamless nursing bra features cutesy white seaming with large stitching. The lace and embroidery is exquisite and unique, and is certain to add a flare of sexiness to the way that you feel when worn. It also includes reinforced zones to add even more support and comfort with breathable fabric that is able to cater to every stage of pregnancy you enter as well as every stage of nursing. The secretive inner pockets allow you to change out milk pads for cleaning to avoid staining this sexy garment. You could say that this nursing bra was entirely designed with the way that you feel in mind. That feeling is imbibed to be sexiness to the umpteenth degree.


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