nursing bra, maternity bra,Just because you are pregnant or are breastfeeding does not negate that you can’t also look and feel sexy, too. Your significant other will assuredly still desire the same sexual relationship as you had prior to your conception. One fabulous way of ensuring that the spice is there and that the flame is still alive is by adding some sexy maternity lingerie to your wardrobe. Use these tips to pick out a maternity bra that dazzles him, and perhaps leaves his tongue wagging in the process.

Shop with Your Girlfriends

Who better to gain honest advice from than your most trusted gal pals? A great way to find out how sexy that bra truly is on you is by asking your girlfriends to accompany you as you shop for one. Place your trust in their expert girly advice to find the sexiest lingerie in town.

Take Your Partner Along

Who better to know what turns him on than him? Therefore, consider taking him along or shopping online together so that you can get his opinion. Sure, the element of surprise may be taken away here. But at least you will know for sure you are wearing something that pleases his eyes in the bedroom.

You Can’t Own Too Many

You will need that maternity bra for quite some time after giving birth, and you can’t ever own too many. So be diligent and shop around. Stock up your wardrobe with the sexy lingerie and know that it will go to good use over the next year. Your significant other and your sex life will greatly thank you after the fact.

What’s your sexiest maternity lingerie moment? If you care to share, if you dare, our comments section is open for debate. You can post anonymously if you so desire. We just crave your invaluable input!