If you have large breasts, there are some tips you must know.

To sublimate your décolleté, you can wear a square neck or a V-neck but not a deep neckline because it is better to suggest. Moreover, you should eliminate tops having a lot of volume on the breast. Secondly, you should not wear bustier dresses, because it is more adapted for women with small or medium breasts.



The real secret to get a beautiful décolleté for voluptuous breasts is to wear maternity and nurnsig bras that are adapted for larger breasts sizes by opting for a good support! It exists many different shapes of bras and they do not all fit large breasts. You should avoid triangle shapes and bandeau shapes.


Straps and band size and wires

You should go for bras with larger straps, because fine straps do not support well large breasts. Moreover, to ensure a good support, you need a triple stapling and a 4 positions adjuster.
Underwired bras are indispensable to provide support and comfort. It is possible to find bras with vertical wires on each side of the breast; they guarantee more comfort all day long.


The demi-cup bra is perfect for large breasts, because it envelops the entire breast and reinforces support.