While you have plenty of options as far as going sexy, sleepy or swimmy with your maternity wear or nursing attire, sometimes simple is still tried, true and vetted. In enters the Signature series nursing bra. An elegantly designed bra with two objectives primarily in mind: your comfort and your convenience. This is attained by using only pure and organic cotton in the fabric that’s 100 percent breathable and seamless. This cotton is so soft, in fact, that it adheres to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is about as soft as a garment can get.

Don’t worry about staining or leakage because the interior breast pads can be discreetly changed to protect your clothing. The reinforced cups provide ample support for pregnant or nursing mothers. The added touch is the heart shaped jewel on the front, which allows you to know that your baby is always close and dear to your heart. While simple and standard, sometimes simple is indeed better. For a bra that’s suiting for all occasions, this one fits the bill. Its economic price tag also allows you to more affordably follow the rule of three that applies to nursing bras – you want one that you are wearing,  one in the wash and one in the linen closet all times – so you are never without the support that you need.

Which do you prefer: simple and elegant nursing bras like this one, or more refined and intricate, seductive lace bras? Let us know in your comments. Also, be sure to share your experience using this bra if you have or are currently using it. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!