When it comes to you and your nursing bra, finding the perfect fit is essential to you feeling comfortable during the nursing process. All women – at least for the most part – can attest to the notion that no one bra size is alike in couture or fit. When it comes to finding the ideal bra, most gals will wholeheartedly agree that it’s all about quality over quantity. Herein is the first method that you should adhere to: go for quality over anything else when choosing your bra. Quality aside, knowing how to find the ideal fit can be as simple as following these steps.

Sizing – Get Fitted

Don’t try and guess what your bust size is, or estimate it, as your breasts are going to be abnormally larger and thicker. Instead, get a bra that adapts to your expanding breasts to ensure you make the most of your investment.

 Ensure Extra Room

A good rule of thumb here is that you want to keep some extra room in your nursing bra just in case. Since your breasts are never just one size during the maternal cycle, it’s best to leave some extra cushion as a reserve. .

Softer Bra for Gentler Sleep

Experts unanimously concur that you should try your best to find the softest bra as possible. Yes, indeed, most nursing bras are designed to be soft and soothing. However, everyone is different and that means that you should be keen to ensuring that the bra you have is comfort fitted for a long duration of wear.

Buy More Than One

The last bit of advice is that you should buy more than one nursing bra. Since you will be breastfeeding, it will be necessary to have a few spares on hand. A good number is three; one for a reserve, one for the laundry, and one that is being used.