A nursing bra is a fabulous piece of clothing that is specially designed to comfortably fit breasts that are swollen with milk. When nursing a child, comfort and convenience is everything for a woman. There are some helpful tips that can be offered to enable you to find the best bra for your needs. Use the following bits of advice to do just that.

Fitting is imperative, unless you are fond if ill-fitting bras or having to make several trips to the maternity store. The best advice that can be offered here is to have your breasts professionally fitted. Doing so will eliminate any questions about your size, so you can know for sure.

Purchase at bra at the right time. Timing is indeed everything when it comes to you and nursing. Many women commonly make the mistake of buying these bras during the first or second trimesters. Fitting specialists advise that your breasts can fluctuate with changes during this time, and that you should wait until the week before or the week after (recommended) to get a bra that fits right the first time.

Consider numerous styles. You will want to approach the topic of a nursing bra with an open mind. Make sure you look into various styles and fits. Try and find a bra that can also double as sexy, so you can wear the same bra when enjoying intimate moments with your significant other.

Seek out darker colors. You will be nursing a child using this bra, and that means there will be some associated messes involved. To avoid constant cleaning sessions with your new bra, some specialists recommend that you buy the bra in darker colors, which will help mask the stains better. Be sure to still clean your bra at least every few days. In the meanwhile you can mask those stains to delay cleaning times.