If you don’t yet have a nursing bra and you are wondering why your breasts are always swollen and achy and why sleep is a thing of the past, there are ample reasons why. At the top of the list is your bra. Not wearing a custom-fitted and custom-designed bra while nursing could be the reason. To better help you understand, the following three reasons can serve to exemplify the advantages you enjoy when wisely upgrading your brazier.

Comfier, Cozier Fit

Nursing bosoms are inherently larger and more swollen, commonly featuring very sensitive nipples. Your nursing bra is designed to accommodate this paternal aspect of womanhood. Its unique design cups your breasts and eases swelling and achy nipples for a more relaxed sleep that used to be impossible to come by.

Front Open Clasps

Your standard bra is not designed to conveniently feed a baby. It’s actually painstaking to hold baby in one arm while blindly fumbling with clasps using the other. A nursing bra is designed to make feeding times a breeze. The front clasps easily come undone so baby can feed when and where baby is hungry, and unimpeded.

Sleep Better: Reduce Swelling and Discomfort

Most women report better nights of sleeping during the first week of wearing these bras. That’s because their breasts no longer ache them awake each night. But don’t take this blogger’s word for it. Read up on why women swear by this type of specialty bra in online reviews; you’ll quickly realize what you’ve been missing out on this entire time.