All expecting mothers should be considering the addition of the nursing bra to their wardrobe. For new mothers, or first time mothers, this can be a difficult subject matter to approach. While it is always advisable to lean on the advice that you can cull from fellow friends who are also mothers, it’s always helpful to gain some insight from outside sources, too. In regard to when you should buy such a bra, and as to how many that you will need, the following tips can help you ensure that you are prepared before your baby arrives.

When to Buy

For most women, it’s advised that you actually start shopping for a nursing bra during your third trimester. This is because your breasts will be the largest during this time and up until you give birth. Experts say that you should try and shop for these bras about two weeks before your expected due date. Since this date can and does fluctuate, it’s wisest to plan out about three weeks prior to your due date; so you are not rushing to buy a bra such as this if you unexpectedly give birth prior to your anticipated due date.

How Many Should You Buy

You really are the decider here, as this can vary between different women. Since your breasts will inherently shift in shape and size, depending upon how engorged they are with milk, it’s advised that you buy no more than four or five bras. This way you can easily update your wardrobe should your bra size suddenly change. As a general rule of thumb, you want to have at least three bras on hand for nursing. This allows you to wear one, keep one in reserve in the drawer and be able to wash a dirty one simultaneously—ensuring that you are never without this key piece of nursing apparel.