If you have a baby on the way and you have just begun to start shopping for nursing bras, it’s always helpful to have some advice handy before getting started. Unlike standard bras, these bras are designed quite differently to help ease the breastfeeding process. Learn some key facts about this specialty clothing that can help you wisely shop for the ideal bra for your nursing needs.

Drop Down Clips
Unlike standard bras, which feature permanent clips, a nursing bra is designed different. These bras feature what are called drop down clips. These are generally found where the clasp attaches the cup to the back sling of the bra. With a nursing bra, these clips are most often designed to unclip for easier feeding sessions. However, some designs of these bras feature front clasps instead, which open both cups at once, to make it even easier to feed your baby.

Sports Combo
Some nursing bras are designed to combine the comfort and support of maternity wear with the ruggedness of sports attire. These bras are commonly used by active mothers that desire to exercise post pregnancy. While they may not be as comfortable for all day wear as a standard nursing bra, they effectively combine the best elements of these two bras into one unique bra.

The Best Nursing Bras Don’t Have an Underwire
Many women assume that a good bra has to have an underwire. With a nursing bra, you don’t really want to have an underwire. That’s because the underwire can actually create tension in the breasts that can result in blocked milk ducts and even bacterial infection in the breasts.

Designed for Comfort
The goal behind the design of these bras is to create a more comfortable and convenient nursing experience for mothers. This is accomplished with a signature design, larger cups, looser straps and adjustability to accommodate the breasts during all stages of breastfeeding.