As an expecting mother, there are numerous trials and tribulations that you will encounter along your maternal pathway to the ultimate culmination of birthing your child. While pregnancy is a wonderful lifecycle that has many enjoyable moments, it can be confounded by the interim moments that require a good amount of preplanning. One such notion is your nursing bra, and when and how you find the ideal fit that will serve you eloquently when feeding times arise after your baby is born. Learn how to find the perfect fitting bra before you give birth by using this guide.

Wait until the third trimester. If you can, do wait and be patient until you are nearing the end of your third trimester. It’s fruitless to try and find a bra for nursing before then, as your breasts will most certainly be changing in size as shape as you reach full term. Instead, experts say that the two weeks before you give birth are the best window of time for finding the ideal sized bra.

Have your breasts sized. Stop guessing about what breast size you have. Even at home guides using measuring tape can be confusing and can net you the wrong size. Instead, stop wondering and just go get fitted. Bra sizing specialists are commonly used to sizing pregnant women’s breasts, and they most often can offer invaluable shopping and sizing advice, too.

Be minimalist in your early approach. If you race to stock up your wardrobe on bras of one size, but later find out that you are now a different size, you’ve just wasted money on bras you won’t need or use. Instead, buy one or two bras at first. Ensure proper comfort and fit for the here and now. If you change sizes again after birth, you can easily afford to spend a few more bucks on a couple of new bras to replace the old ones that no longer fit.