nursing bra, maternity bra, maternity lingerie, cache coeurOnce you hit the second trimester of pregnancy, watch out. Those bodily changes will be hitting you like a ton of bricks, and preparedness can help you alleviate many commonly associated woes. During the second and third trimester of pregnancy, your breasts will be on a sizing rampage as bodily hormones tell your body to start producing milk, causing your breasts to swell in size and shape as they become engorged. This shift often results in achiness and discomfort as well as increased sensitivity for expecting mommies. Use these helpful shopper’s tips to find the right bra the first time around.

When to Shop

Prepare for your pregnancy by being aware of your maternal calendar. Once your second trimester begins, you will assuredly want to have a maternity bra on hand. This is when your breasts will really begin to shift in size. By having the proper bra in advance, you can minimize any associated discomfort and enjoy better sleeping cycles.

You Want Different Bras

Don’t just presume that one maternity bra will do the trick. If you exercise quite often, you will want to buy a specialty one to wear when working out. If you have trouble sleeping at night due to aching breasts, you will want a special sleep bra. If you plan on attending formal events, look for a formal maternity bra. Lastly, if you plan on enjoying intimate moments, seek out lingerie styled maternity bras.

Size Matters

Don’t forget to have your breasts sized professionally before you shop for any bra. Accommodate for expanding breast sizes by looking for adjustable bras. Research brands and ensure that you opt for one that offers quality as well as breathable and soft fabrics for your ultimate comfort during pregnancy. Don’t forget to stock up on a nursing bra once you are about a month before your due date, as these bras will feature things like milk pads and front open clasps for easier feeding and fewer messes.