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Most pregnant women are already aware that they are constantly updating their wardrobes to accommodate for an expanding ribcage and belly. These two physical changes are always going to be associated with the maternal process. A variety of different and specialized attire exists that’s designed to aid you during this process. One common garment is the maternity bra. A common question we shall answer today is: Why should you wear a maternity bra to bed?


Prevent Nighttime Leaking

During the third trimester of pregnancy and directly following childbirth, your breasts will be retaining a lot more fluids. As the breasts swell with milk, leaking is an inescapable element. Some women will religiously use breast pumps to prevent leaking, and still they experience it. With a bra on, your leaking can be caught up by the breast pads and can save you from having to wash your bedding.


Sleep More Comfortably

Some women have breasts that just seemingly never stop swelling during and after pregnancy. These are also often accompanied by tender and swollen, achy nipples. The padding in a breathable maternity bra can often ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Enhanced Bedroom Intimacy

Such bras are also designed to make you feel and look sexier. Sex is important during and after pregnancy, and should not be overlooked as a positive aspect of your relationship. With tantalizing designs available, your bra can also double as lingerie that turns him on.


The Choice is Yours

All women are different. This article just suggests why you should wear a nursing bra, but does not inflect that you have to. If you find that wearing one is more comfortable or going braless is more suiting, there’s no wrong choice. Feel free to let us know what your favorite option is in the comments below, and tell us which method you prefer the most.