The joys of motherhood are uncanny, nearly limitless and incomparable to virtually any other physical and mental endeavor that you might encounter in this world and lifetime. Of course, for as much planning as most expecting mothers put into their forthcoming child, there are often areas that can be easily overlooked in the process. One such concern that you should not avoid addressing is the bra that you will be wearing during the aftermath. Find out when you should think about buying that maternity bra, and learn some other helpful tips in this guide for new mothers.

Sizing and when to buy: Much like any other bras, sizing and when to buy it are important factors that should be considered. A common mistake that’s made is found in buying the bra too early. To avoid getting a bra that’s not of the proper size, it’s advised that you delay your purchase until about two weeks before your expected due date, when your breasts will be at their fullest.

Don’t forget about being intimate: You have a wonderful selection of sexy maternity bras that you can consider these days. Make sure that you consider mixing up your wardrobe of them. For example, you could use your standard bra when you go about your daily life. But at night, change it out to that sexier one to really make his gears grind for you.

Stock up on the bras you’ll require: Avoid not having a clean one and having to wear a dirty bra for a day by purchasing the right amount of them. A good rule of thumb is that you want three bras: one for use, one as reserve and one in the dirty laundry basket. You can never own too many, however, so feel free to fully stock up.

Proper fitting matters greatly: Don’t presume that you know your sizes. For that matter, don’t be bashful about having your breasts sized by a female professional. If you are able to move past this embarrassment, you’ll find a much better fitting bra by knowing what your actual bra size is.