Shopping for a maternity bra is different than shopping for other clothing. Many new mothers greatly struggle with this process for a number of viable reasons. To avoid making any bad purchases yourself, use this sound advice to make a wise choice.

Be mindful of the under band: Experts say that many women are not aware of the pressing affiliation that the under band will have when pregnant or nursing. To avoid any undesirable fits, ensure that the under band is very comfortable and is expandable. Try on a few bras to get a good idea of your ideal under band fit. Understand that the average size increase for an under band is about two to three sizes, but this can vary depending upon the person.

Avoid wires most of the time: Wires can really confine your chest, say numerous experts. You don’t have to avoid wearing wired bras altogether. To enjoy a more comfortable maternal experience, wear non-wired bras during your day to day. Seek out fancier, wired bras for nighttime or special occasions, like nightlife outings or dinners.

Shop for sexy bras to maintain intimacy: Sex experts unanimously agree that one of the best ways to avoid postpartum woes is found in keeping a healthy and active sex life with your partner. Standard maternity wear is mostly designed around the aspect of comfort, and not sexiness. However, there are also plenty of sexily designed maternity bras that address both of these issues. Do consider stocking up so that you can enjoy enhanced intimacy with your partner during this physical and emotional adjustment period.

Stop guessing your bra size: Lastly, avoid being a guesser. If you are unsure of what your exact size is, get fitted. This is, easily, the most common error that women make with a bra. A fitting can answer any questions once and for all, so you know your size beyond any doubt.