There are numerous different sizes of nursing bras that are all carefully designed to fit women who have different body/breast types and sizes. A very popular type of bra that is in this category is called the large cup nursing bra. Large cup bras are designed for women who have larger breasts and therefore require a larger cup size. During pregnancy, the breasts tend to become swollen as they swell with milk. Learn how to find the ideally sized bra of this type using these easy tips.

Should Hold Breast Weight

The best way to determine if the large cup nursing bra that you are considering is capable of supporting your breasts is by testing the cup size to your breast weight. The side bands should be deep and able to hold and support the weight of your breasts. The straps can be wider but should not be overly stretchy, either.


Ensure Bra Isn’t Overly Tight

A tight bra will wreak havoc on your breasts when you are nursing. To avoid this, ensure that the band is not pressed up against the tissues of your breasts. Another tip is to lean forward so that your breasts are snug inside of the cup when attaching the bra. Avoid allowing any pressure on the actual breasts, as this can result in milk ducts that are clogged, contributing to bacterial infection in the breasts.


Full Coverage is Optimal

Consider a full coverage bra. They do reduce your cleavage, but it’s all about comfort when you are nursing. Certainly, a full coverage bra will offer more comfort and support. As far as lingerie styles are concerned, you can still pull off sexy with a full coverage piece.


Microfiber or Cotton for More Breathable Fabric

You will want to make certain that your bra is breathable. The two best fabrics for this include: cotton and microfiber. These will help you avoid sweating and overheating while wearing the bra. The breathable fabric ensures that your skin can breathe amply.