Why settle for just a bra that’s convenient for nursing when you can buy a nursing bra that’s sexy and designed just for you? That’s what you will find with the signature Kimono lace and satin nursing bra. Featuring the elegant polka dot pattern and extra wired yet super soft and breathable cups, the microfiber backing won’t leave an imprint on your skin, and the magnetic clips make breastfeeding a breezier affair for you and for baby. It contains a very flexible under wire so it won’t cramp your style, and is one of the few under wired nursing bras that actually won’t contribute to clogged milk ducts.

nursing bra, kimono lace

The main feature of this bra is the satin design with lace. It’s easily going to attract that attention of that special man in your life, especially when paired with other Kimono products like the maternity thong, briefs, shorts or nightdress. Who says that you have to compromise intimacy and sexiness when you want an easy way to feed baby and a comfier approach to supporting your breasts and sleeping while being a nursing mommy? This unique bra allows you to do this and look and feel your best in the process.

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