nursing bra, maternity bra, maternity lingerieWhich bra is right for your needs: maternity or nursing? Most new and expecting mothers are entirely uncertain. Hence the need to find good information that can help them make a better decision. The following points can help you better understand the differences between the two, so you can decide which bra that you need for the right now and for the future.


Maternity Bras Accommodate Breast Growth

Sure, a nursing bra is designed to help accommodate expanding breast sizes. But a maternity bra is really designed just to do this and nothing more. While you may come across some rare combinations of these bras that include both features, a maternity bra is actually designed for providing comfort and support to your breasts while you are pregnant, and before you give birth and begin to breastfeed your baby. For example, nursing bras commonly feature drop down clasps or front open claps to make feeding easier, whereas maternity ones do not.


Breast Size Changes During Pregnancy

A maternity bra is really designed to be the one size fits all (or almost) bra that you wear while pregnant. Most women notice changes in their breast sizes beginning with the onset of the second trimester. During this time, many seek out specialty bras that can help accommodate the often unpredictable changes and fluctuations in their breast size. These bras are designed to be comfortable and supporting as the breasts continue to change in their size.


Sleep Bra

Plenty of women bemoan how difficult it is to sleep while they are pregnant. Maternal attire is specifically designed to ease these woes. A bra of this design is shaped to help provide the best amount of support to the breasts, particularly while lying on the back or on the sides. There even entire brands that are solely dedicated to making these sleeping bras for enhanced sleeping comfort for pregnant women.