If you find yourself looking for a nursing bra, are you aware of the features that you should be seeking? Most new mothers are not. Use this guide to learn how to choose a nursing bra.

Easy Open Front Flaps

One of the surest staples of the nursing bra is that it’s easy to open when baby is hungry. The front flaps should be able to claps and unclasp effortlessly. This enables you to easily access the baby’s food source when the baby becomes hungry.

Hooked Backside for Quick Adjustments

A nursing bra is made convenient because it’s easy to adjust. Your breasts will change in size and shape as you nurse your baby following childbirth. A good quality nursing bra will feature adjustable hooks in the back so you can size your bra as needed.

Say No to Underwires

You want to avoid underwises at all costs. These common components of standard bras will do nothing more than confine your breastfeeding experience. They can also place unneeded pressure near or around your breasts while feeding that can cause aches, pains, sores and even bruises.

Breathable Cups

Always seek out breathable cups with your nursing bra. Most nursing bras feature these breathable cups, but some do not. You really want the breathable fabric because nursing can take a long time to conduct, your breasts are swollen and tender, and you will tend to sweat more with the added body heat of baby nearby. Breathable cups can help you relax more and enjoy the nursing process.

How Many Nursing Bras Do You Need?

A commonly asked question from many customers seeking to purchase a nursing bra is: How many should I buy? The quick answer is that you want at least three that you can use at any given time, preferably a few more. The reasons being? You want one clean bra that you can wear and use; one bra that’s being cleaned for reuse; and one bra that is your backup bra should anything go awry during your day to day ritual.