nursing bra, maternity bra, lingerie maternityWe all know that celebs are people, too. They are just like us. Except for the fact that they have untold sums of money, fame, fortune and a slew of photographers that constantly follow them around. Except for these associated and innate facts, they all have the same human functions as we do. Many A-listers swear by the maternity bra and rely upon breastfeeding as opposed to formula feeding to nourish their babies. Today, we’ll examine a few of them who are in the nursing bra spotlight.


Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, loves to breastfeed her little child. She even was recently quoted as saying that she loves “nursing her little man.” Assuredly, there is a nice collection of maternity bras in her drawers.


Tori Spelling says that breastfeeding is “hard,” but also that she “loves it.” We’ve a good mind to think that she also uses a handy bra to make feeding times more pleasant for all parties involved.


Miranda Kerr has stated that nursing is as natural as it gets. When enjoying those “beautiful moments,” she also says that it’s the best way to provide the proper nourishment for her child.



Alicia Silverstone says that it’s all about forging that immediate “bonding latch.” And also says that she enjoys this uncanny experience because it is like no other that a woman can experience. “Sheer ecstasy,” as she so puts it.


Hilary Duff says that feeding her child by breast has enabled them to bond more than she could have ever imagined.


Jennifer Garner says that all she ever heard were other people complaining about. But she emphasized that it was a very emotional bonding experience for her.


What’s your favorite nursing moment? Do you relate to these celebs in your feelings about it? Feel free to chime in with your comments. We’d love to hear what you think.