Just because you are an expecting mommy or a nursing mother does not mean that you can’t still dress to impress. What you wear under there will obviously matter. That’s where the 3D Light nursing bra comes into the picture. Entirely designed with your needs in mind, this nursing bra effortlessly marries comfort to formal attire. Of course, you need not just use it for formal occasions, even though the standard white or nude colors are perfectly suited for doing so. Instead, you can opt for other colors, like the purple or the black, which will pair perfectly with your favorite outfits.


The 3D light is made from highly breathable memory fabric that is knitted with three different dimensions – hence the namesake of this bra. It does not have any harsh underwire and provides ample support for your breasts. The entire 3D line has been designed with pairing in mind, so don’t forget the shorts if you are looking to complete this ensemble. When formal calls, accent your chest but don’t sacrifice comfort with the nude, white or black selections, designed to allow you the breathability you desire yet the formal couture you inspire.


What formal events have you recently attended when nursing or pregnant? How did the bra you wore fit the occasion (or not)? We’d love to hear your comments and opinions. Feel free to let us know by adding your voice to this thread or to our Facebook page or our Twitter Feed, and tell us how you feel about your nursing bra!