Aug 04 2017
Aurore from Cache Coeur

The wedding seasons have started. Are you ready to live or share one of the best days of your life?

Attending a wedding while being pregnant

Jun 09 2017
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For your well-being during your pregnancy, we give you some tips : take advantage of benefits from sea water, yoga practice, feel comfortable in your lingerie and eat healthy !

pregnancy well being

May 04 2017
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You are pregnant or you are simply looking for a gift idea for a mom-to-be? This year, Cache Coeur celebrates Mother’s Day and suggests you a selection of presents ideas for you, futures moms you know well (or not) this special event!

maternity bolas

May 03 2017
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As warm weather is approaching, it is high time to start thinking about protecting our skin from the sun. Pregnant ? Be even more alert !

solar orotection

Apr 21 2017
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Yvette was chosen to be Cache Cœur 2017 swimwear muse. Discover her bubbly personality, universe and young mom life !

maternity swimsuit

Apr 11 2017
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Looking for the perfect maternity bathing suit which will sublimate your pregnancy body shape on the beach or by the pool this summer? Don’t worry; Cache Coeur is there to guide you in choosing the right swimsuit according to your morphology and style!

Maternity tankini Rosy$

Apr 07 2017
Estelle from Cache Coeur

2017 marks the revival of the "Flower Power" trend! With its romantic floral print, Aquarelle is in with the current fashion trend while bringing the spirit of spring and summer !


Aquarelle, Cache Coeur new best-seller

Mar 03 2017
Aurore from Cache Coeur
Feb 09 2017
Aurore from Cache Coeur

Are you looking for an idea to celebrate this so special Valentine’s Day with your pregnant wife? Cache Coeur made a list of ideas to impress the future mom.

 maternity and nursing lingerie Valentine's Day

Dec 09 2016
Aurore from Cache Coeur

As your pregnancy progresses, you might find sleeping more difficult. Here are some tips to help you to sleep better during your pregnancy.

Maternity and nursing homewear

Nov 10 2016
Aurore from Cache Coeur Lingerie

Inspired by the Mexican and Indonesian traditions and worn by pregnant women, maternity bola reassures your baby thanks to its melodious sound. Discover our private collection of Cache Coeur Maternity Bolas!

Oct 05 2016
Aurore from Cache Coeur

Many of you already love to wear the Illusion maternity and nursing lingerie line. For your greatest delight, Cache Coeur has just launched its brand new trendy colour: Grey. A soft colour combining sobriety and elegance!

Illusion Grey

Sep 23 2016
Aurore from Cache Coeur

Romantic, funny, dramatic or touching, this list of 8 movies are some classics you will enjoy watching or re watching during your pregnancy!

8 Movies to watch when you are expecting

Sep 12 2016
Marie-Anne from Cache Coeur

Diamond is the latest line of our lingerie collection.  The line is a true treasure of innovation offering you an incredible second skin effect.



Aug 30 2016
Aurore from Cache Coeur

Today, we will discussed the latest trend, baby classes. We may repeat ourselves again but practicing sports is good for both your health and your baby’s. Fall for the new trend, Baby Sport!

Sport & Baby

Aug 05 2016
Aurore from Cache Coeur

During your pregnancy, it is absolutely possible for you to practice sports and exercise, but you have to be careful when it comes to choosing an activity.


Jul 18 2016
Marie-Anne from Cache Coeur

The voluptuous breasts are going to be pleased!

You’ve asked for it and here it is: Gloss in Black. Plus sizes maternity and nursing lingerie Gloss line is available in a new color. Discover the line right now!

Gloss black
Jul 05 2016
Marie-Anne from Cache Coeur

70 years ago, the Bikini made its first appearance on the French beaches. It was worn by Micheline Bernadini, a dancing-girl at the Casino de Paris, during the “Fête de l’eau”, in Paris.

first bikini

Jun 07 2016
Marie-Anne from Cache Coeur

A pure experience of Softness

Feminine and comfortable at the same time, Serenity maternity and nursing lingerie and sleepewear line escorts moms-to-be throughout their pregnancy.

serenity montage

May 25 2016
Marie-Anne from Cache Coeur

 Inspired by Mexican and Indonesian traditions, the maternity Bolas will sooth and reassure your baby with the sound of the little chime.front page

Apr 27 2016
Marie from Cache Coeur

Shining and fascinating, Estelle is the new face of our latest maternity swimwear collection. We met her and asked her some questions on her pregnancy, maternity and Cache Coeur of course!

Estelle muse of our new maternity swimwear collection

Apr 15 2016
Marie from Cache Coeur

Find the perfect maternity swimsuit that will highlight your pretty mom-to-be curves! Cache Coeur gives you a few tips to choose your maternity swimsuit according to your morphology.

Which maternity swimsuit for your body type?

Mar 14 2016
Marie from Cache Coeur

Cache Coeur’s new maternity swimwear collection will please pregnant women by its large choice of cuts, patterns and colors! Designed to meet moms-to-be needs, our maternity swimwear will accompany you from the first to the last month, and even after!

New maternity swimwear collection

Mar 08 2016
Marie from Cache Coeur

Celebrated for the first time in the US in 1909, international woman’s day is renowned worldwide.
Cache Coeur honors this new generation of woman and moms-to-be who fully accept their desires, maternity ... and femininity!

International woman's day

Jan 26 2016
Marie from Cache Coeur

Before baby’s here, future parents have a Baby Moon, a blend of the words Baby and Honeymoon. Real trend across the Atlantic, Baby Moon culture has recently been introduced to France and promises more and more followers.

Baby Moon a honeymoon before baby

Jan 04 2016
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Instead of using a template on the Internet, you decided to be original in your birth announcement? Cache Coeur selected ideas to help you out with your birth announcement.

Original birth annoucement

Dec 18 2015
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This year, Santa Claus and the Stork will arrive at the same time? No worries! If you are expecting a Christmas baby, Cache Coeur has you covered with a few tips.

Dec 13 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Cache Coeur launches its brand new maternity and nursing romantic homewear line: Sofia. Click to discover!

Discover Sofia

Dec 01 2015

You are maybe lacking of inspiration for annoucing your pregnancy?
We have selected for you 5 creative pregnancy annoucements

 annoucing your pregnancy

Nov 06 2015

We know that it is not easy to choose the perfect maternity and nursing bra when you have voluptuous breasts. In this article, we will explain you everything.


Oct 30 2015
Oct 09 2015
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Cache Coeur reveals its maternity tights collection, perfectly adapted at all stages of pregnancy, discover the perfect maternity tights !

Read more

Oct 02 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Cache coeur is the French specialist of maternity and nursing lingerie.
Discover our greatest secrets... Read more

Sep 29 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Today begins a week full of events and surprises in Paris for the Fashion Week. Learn more about the Paris Fashion Week in this article!

Paris Fashion Week 2015

Sep 10 2015
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checklist for hospital bag


Because it's the big moment, we have been to take care of everything. In this article, we have made your checklist for your hospital bag. Now, it's time to prepare.

Sep 03 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Cache Coeur has launched its new maternity and nursing lingerie line! Discover Mosaic!

Discover Mosaic maternity and nursing lingerie line

Aug 28 2015
Natacha from Cache Coeur

Summer is comming to the end, it is time to relax and to cocoon with style with Cache Coeur maternity and nursing pajamas and nightgowns !

Discover more

Aug 19 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Coco Chanel has revolutionized fashion for women. Discover how cache Coeur has also revolutionized maternity and nursing lingerie.

Coco Chanel, the French Elegance

Aug 07 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Cache Coeur reveals you its secrets to organize the perfect Baby-Shower!Baby shower with Cache Coeur

Jul 23 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Because being parents is an unparalleled happiness, so each year in July we celebrate the parents' day


Jul 03 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Discover Cache Coeur brand new maternity and nursing lingerie line. Retro and glamour, Lollypop sublimates every moms-to-be.

Lollypop maternity and nursing line


Jun 19 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

With Cache Coeur Lingerie, discover the origin of Father's Day and gift ideas that will delight you as much as the future dad.


Jun 08 2015
Marie from Cache Coeur

Enter in our magic world, through Cache Coeur brand new maternity and nursing lingerie line: MAGIC.


Apr 15 2015
Chloé from Cache Coeur

Scheduled for the 25th of April, Kate Middleton and Prince William baby’s arrival is at the heart of the preoccupations.

 kate middleton clothes

Mar 12 2015
Chloé from Cache Coeur

After London and New York, its Milan turn to welcome the Fashion Week. For this occasion, Dolce Gabbana revealed its 2015 Autumn/Winter collection on the theme of Viva La Mamma, a lovely tribute to maternity which caused a sensation worldwide.

viva la mama

Mar 06 2015
Chloé from Cache Coeur

This 8th of match is celebrated the international women’s day .one of the 87 international days acknowledged by the UNO.

women's day 

Feb 17 2015
Chloe from Cache Coeur

Summer or winter, let yourself be tempted by the softness and comfort of Cache Cœur Velvet maternity clothesro
Velvet Beige

Feb 10 2015
Chloe from Cache Coeur

For another year, Cache Cœur is proud to present you its new maternity bathing suits collections with cuts, materials and prints that meet moms to be needs and desires!
Tankini Eden 

Jan 28 2015
Chloe from Cache Coeur

Valentine’s Day is THE moment of the year when you can buy and wear your new fine lingerie – whether you are pregnant or not.


Dec 22 2014
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Christmas is in two days and recently the streets of our hometowns are decorated and illuminated letting young and old dram. The Christmas tree is finally decorated and just waiting for the gifts that will soon be put underneath. But do you know where the wonderful tradition of the Christmas tree is coming from? 

Dec 07 2014
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After giving birth, most women have some troubles with losing the kilos they took during the pregnancy and regaining their pre-pregnancy shape. As a young mother you are overwhelmed and looking after your baby is the prior thing to do. Thus the diet might be neglected and put into the background.

Nov 28 2014
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Christmas is coming closer in big steps, everyone is thinking about getting the right gift for the loved ones and some of us also start to think about the coming vacancies. What will be your destination this year?Maternity swimwear

Nov 03 2014
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The Christmas time has started and with it comes the time of intensive thinking, running through boutiques or surfing in the internet on the search of THE Christmas gift that will delight your loved ones.

Searching a present for a mum to be? No need to look for it any more – the bola is THE perfect Christmas gift.


Oct 29 2014
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Cache Cœur as a maternity and nursing specialist, like to “put in the spotlight” breastfeeding !

To highlight breastfeeding, nothing better than to speak without taboos and without pressure, because breastfeeding is a personal choice made by each mother. And to make that choice, it is essential to be informed. So let’s talk about breastfeeding ! 

nursing and cache coeur

Oct 15 2014
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With the largest types of cutting shape for breastfeeding bras that exist, a well detailed post on this topic seems more than necessary. So today, I will explain you what lies behind those words and give you little tips to match your maternity and nursing bra with your outfit.

Maternity and nursing lingerie

Sep 19 2014
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It is always really hard to find a perfect bra for women with generous breast, and for pregnant women and young mother it is just “mission : impossible”. Do not look further, because we have created THE perfect maternity and nursing bra for all women with generous breast.

Maternity and nursing lingerie line Gloss

Sep 05 2014
Cache Coeur

Have a little preview on our latest collections of maternity and nursing lingerie and have a look at the Making Of of our last photo session. Three days of intensive shootings for a MAGIC result!

Maternity and nursing bra Magic

Dec 29 2013
Cache Coeur

Just because you are pregnant or nursing does not mean that you can’t look and feel like the sexy woman that you truly are. That’s where the Illusion nursing bra line comes into play.

Dec 21 2013
Cache Coeur

Just because you are an expecting mommy or a nursing mother does not mean that you can’t still dress to impress. The 3D Light nursing bra is perfectly suited for formal occasions, or you can opt for other colors that will pair perfectly with your favorite outfits.

Dec 19 2013
Cache Coeur

In enters the Signature series nursing bra. An elegantly designed bra with two objectives primarily in mind: your comfort and your convenience. This is attained by using only pure and organic cotton in the fabric that’s 100 percent breathable and seamless. 

Dec 16 2013
Cache Coeur

Bringing a child into this world is one of the few lifelong miracles that families get to enjoy with one another. But let’s not forget about your intimacy along the way, either, mom. 

Dec 11 2013
Cache Coeur

When sexy meets intricate the result is the Kimono lace nursing bra from Cache Coeur. Do you have any special stories about the intimacy of your nursing bra that you’d like share? We’d love to hear back from you regarding your experiences with this bra or any other lace bra with magnetic clips.

Nov 27 2013
Cache Coeur

If you have a baby on the way and you have just begun to start shopping for nursing bras, learn some key facts about this specialty clothing that can help you wisely shop for the ideal bra for your nursing needs.

Nov 24 2013
Cache Coeur

All expecting mothers should be considering the addition of the nursing bra to their wardrobe. Follow these tips, and they can help you ensure that you are prepared before your baby arrives.

Nov 21 2013
Cache Coeur

These points will help you better understand the differences between the maternity bra and the nursing bra, so you can decide which bra that you need for the right now and for the future.

Nov 18 2013
Cache Coeur

Once you hit the second trimester of pregnancy, watch out, because bodily changes will be hitting you like a ton of bricks. Prepare with these helpful shopper’s tips to find the right bra the first time around.

Nov 14 2013
Cache Coeur

When it comes to shopping for a maternity bra, never fear, there are many ways to help you choose the best when breastfeeding and post pregnancy comes. You are well-equipped with Cache Coeur nursing bras by your side.

Nov 13 2013
Cache Coeur

Today, we will get a glimpse of some A-list celebrities that rely upon maternity bras and breastfeeding as opposed to using formula to properly nourish their babies. Celebrities are humans like us... with the exception of the fame and fortune. But at least a Cache Coeur nursing bra can help you feel like one. 

Nov 12 2013
Cache Coeur

With the maternal process comes constant wardrobe changes to accommodate for an expanding ribcage and belly. The maternity bra is common to use, but many wonder, why should you wear a maternity or nursing bra to bed? 

Nov 04 2013
Cache Coeur

One fabulous way of ensuring that the spice is there and that the flame is still alive is by adding some sexy maternity lingerie to your wardrobe. Use these tips to pick out a maternity bra that dazzles him, and perhaps leaves his tongue wagging in the process.

Oct 29 2013
Cache Coeur

Fitting is imperative, unless you are fond if ill-fitting bras or having to make several trips to the maternity store. The best advice that can be offered here is to have your breasts professionally fitted. Doing so will eliminate any questions about your size, so you can know for sure.

Oct 27 2013
Cache Coeur

If you can, do wait and be patient until you are nearing the end of your third trimester. It’s fruitless to try and find a bra for nursing before then, as your breasts will most certainly be changing in size as shape as you reach full term. Instead, experts say that the two weeks before you give birth are the best window of time for finding the ideal sized bra.

Oct 25 2013
Cache Coeur

A bra that fits too tightly when nursing can cause you a slew of undesirable issues. Primarily, if the bra hugs your breasts too tightly, it can actually contract the milk ducts and cause them to become clogged. 

Oct 23 2013
Cache Coeur

Don’t forget about being intimate: You have a wonderful selection of sexy maternity bras that you can consider these days. Make sure that you consider mixing up your wardrobe of them. For example, you could use your standard bra when you go about your daily life. But at night, change it out to that sexier one to really make his gears grind for you.

Oct 21 2013
Cache Coeur

Experts say that many women are not aware of the pressing affiliation that the under band will have when pregnant or nursing. To avoid any undesirable fits, ensure that the under band is very comfortable and is expandable. Try on a few bras to get a good idea of your ideal under band fit. Understand that the average size increase for an under band is about two to three sizes, but this can vary depending upon the person.

Oct 04 2013
Cache Coeur

A month post partum is a fabulous time for new mothers. That’s because your body has made many adjustments following your pregnancy. Your breasts will have leveled out and will be on course to staying within a few manageable sizes, and you will have dropped much of the excess weight that you gained during pregnancy. It is during this time that you should consider buying the next set of bras that you will require for nursing.

Sep 22 2013
Cache Coeur

All women – at least for the most part – can attest to the notion that no one bra size is alike in couture or fit. When it comes to finding the ideal bra, most gals will wholeheartedly agree that it’s all about quality over quantity.

Sep 10 2013
Cache Coeur

A very popular type of bra that is in this category is called the large cup nursing bra. Large cup bras are designed for women who have larger breasts and therefore require a larger cup size. 

Sep 04 2013
Cache Coeur

This predicament affects countless breastfeeding mommies during the hotter months in the summertime each year. Fortunately, there are some helpful suggestions that can be offered such as maternity and nursing bras.

Aug 28 2013
Cache Coeur

Your baby’s health comes first and foremost. Learn everything good about breastfeeding in the quick points that follow. 

Aug 15 2013
Cache Coeur

Stop wondering how to choose a nursing bra. Use these helpful tips to find the perfect fit.

Aug 02 2013
Cache Coeur

Throughout the duration of your pregnancy, you will assuredly want to consider updating your wardrobe to be inclusive of maternity lingerie. Aside from being able to enjoy a more comfortable and permitting fit while pregnant or sleeping, maternity lingerie actually offers a few cushy benefits that it affords to you while your tummy continues to grow outwardly during this miracle of nature.

Jul 29 2013
Cache Coeur

One thing that normal PJs can’t offer is expandable waistlines. As your baby bump grows outwardly, you won’t fit into your standard wardrobe fare for much longer. These pajamas are specifically designed with expandable waistlines to conform to the girth of your expansion. 

Jul 29 2013
Cache Coeur

If you don’t yet have a nursing bra and you are wondering why your breasts are always swollen and achy and why sleep is a thing of the past, there are ample reasons why. At the top of the list is your bra. Not wearing a custom-fitted and custom-designed bra while nursing could be the reason. To better help you understand, the following three reasons can serve to exemplify the advantages you enjoy when wisely upgrading your brazier.