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baby shower gift

Maternity accessories

Pregnancy, an unforgettable time that will always be in your memory. Therefore, it is important to feel good in your new body, and in your new clothes, this is the priority of Cache Coeur. We have put all our knowledge at your disposal to create innovative, natural and comfortable maternity clothes and accessories.

Maternity belts :

The know-how of the Cache Coeur brand is reflected in its products. We offer you innovative maternity support belts, which adapt to the evolution of your morphology during pregnancy, the belts provide you with all the necessary support, they do not mark the belly, and are invisible under clothing. You can easily wear it under all your outfits and on any occasion.

Pregnancy necklace :

Maternity bolas are undoubtedly the favorite accessory for moms-to-be. The secret of her sweet melody emitted at every step of the mother-to-be has the gift of calming and soothing your baby. From the 20th week of pregnancy, baby will recognize the tinkling of the bola.

Maternity tights :

Do you like to wear dresses and shorts? Discover our selection of maternity tights to wear under a maternity wear. Cache Coeur has specially designed its collections of maternity tights for mother-to-be, thanks to their ultra-flat belts that adapt to the evolution of your body, their unique belly constructions that do not mark the belly and provide you with a perfect support for your belly.

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baby shower gift | Cache Coeur

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