Maternity Bolas

Our maternity bolas are true jewels for pregnant women and are all made of precious materials. The cute tinkling produced by the boll inside is heard by the baby from the 20th week. They are a perfect gift idea for moms-to-be.

Maternity Tights

Our maternity tights are specially adapted to pregnancy. The wide belt, unique seamfree construction on the belly and reinforced toes provide a maximum of comfort and softness all along pregnancy and even after.

Imported from France, How Cache Coeur’s Exquisite and exclusive maternity Boutique Wear Makes a Difference

Throughout nine months, your life changes. The new life inside of you brings about a miraculous and defining experience in your life. As inspiring and beautiful it may be, however, pregnancy is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most challenging periods of woman’s life, it changes the way you sleep, the way you eat and especially the way you dress. You’re dressing not just for your own personal comfort and care for your child. From pregnancy clothing that allows that beautiful baby bump of your to breathe to nursing wear and bras for he purpose of breastfeeding, Cache Coeur’s innovative and fashionable maternity clothes has proven to be a worldwide sensation.

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Maternity Boutique Wear that Makes a Statement

Expecting mothers deserve excellence. Expect no less from Cache Coeur. Behind the modern and traditional designs, you’ll find practicality and compassion for all things that occur with pregnancy clothing. Not just for looks, when wearing Cache Coeur’s nursing wear you’ll notice under the gorgeous French lace and detailed designs the unique magnetic clips, microfiber-materials and discreet openings specifically made to make your maternity life easier. Made to look good, meant to feel good, the high-quality of Cache Coeur’s fashionable maternity clothes operates on a picture-perfect duality of loving designs and unparalleled accessibility.

A More Beautiful Motherhood

Cache Coeur was co-crafted in 2008 by the hands of Audrey Trolliet—whose strong background in French Corsetry combined with years of experience in designing the best lingerie for various leading companies allowed for her to follow her dream in providing an exquisite maternity range of clothing for expecting and nursing mothers of all walks. Cache Coeur’s maternity clothing works to stretch and expand in certain areas to account for the changes in your body through the trimesters to keep you comfortable month-upon-month. Most importantly, given the great variety within the Cache Coeur catalog, you show or cover as much of your baby bump as to your liking.

Sizing Secrets and Savior-Faire

What is Cache Coeur’s secret weapon? Beyond the comfort and accessibility offered by Cache Coeur’s maternity wear, Cache Coeur’s pregnancy clothing excels in the fine art of your perfect fit. The Fabrics are made with respect for the delicate nature of your skin throughout your pregnancy, as well as Magnetic clips on nursing bras and other articles of pregnancy clothing allowing for one-hand-openings for the best in discretion and accessibility. The cups from Cache Coeur’s nursing bras come lined with two zones, a “dry” zone to prevent from rubbing and a “wet” zone with microfibers that dry up to 5 times faster than a standard bra.

Cache Coeur’s exclusive nursing bras contain the ability to adapt and evolve to the expanding volume of your breasts up to a full cup size. This method known as “savior-faire” comes from the French word for “to adapt”. For all items in the repertoire including camisoles, tops, pajamas and active wear, Cache Coeur’s exclusive line of Fashionable Maternity Clothes, features an aesthetic that doesn’t look to hide your features—but rather brings them to life.

Maternity and Pregnancy clothes doesn’t mean, just get a bigger size. You need the clothes that account for your waist size. Bras that remedy the issue of expanding, leaking breasts that occur in the process, tops that stretch around the side and so much more. Cache Coeur Lingerie has found a perfect balance in function and fashionable clothes, as well as a method of finding the perfect fit from one trimester to the next. As you and your child grow, so should your clothes. With Cache Coeur’s boutique maternity outfits, you’ll never have to worry about looking and feeling your absolute best.

Offering a new flair for staying in, sleeping and going out, Cache Coeur is crafted to feel amazing in every way as it looks. Cache Coeur’s boutique maternity clothes were created to make the experience of buying maternity clothes a rewarding experience. Your body is a work of art, and your creation a masterpiece. For the one of the most inspiring and defining periods of being a woman, our signature designs enable you to celebrate life. Catching the eye while fitting to virtually every need of your pregnancy, Cache Coeur brings a balance and beauty that only the top designers in France could bring you.